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Our Mission:

is to create an atmosphere of self-discovery and personal growth, which increases physical fitness and self-defense skill, encourages the foundation of high personal standards, and empowers our students with control over self (body, mind, and spirit), thus enabling them to live a happier and more successful life.

 Now that we are coming to the end of the school year, how do we continue our child's mental and physical development?

How about Karate Arts Summer Camps? At Karate Arts we will help instill discipline, focus, self confidence and leadership skills through nine different exciting summer camps. Each week has a different and exciting theme, like,

2 Arts and Crafts Camps, Fear Factor/ Survivor Challenge, Be A Movie Star Camp, Karate Arts Got Talent Show, DIY Pinterest Projects Camp, Bully Buster Camp, And The Most Popular, The Blacklight Camp. This year we are having 2 Blacklight Camps!

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Summer is not the time to let the progress made throughout the school year just slip away. One of the most effective skills taught at Karate Arts and also in our Summer Camps, is the process of goal setting. These are the perfect camps for every child from the beginner to the experienced. This is more than just fun; this is a Positive Life Experience! Outdoor activities are included as well; we will have daily soccer, basketball or flag football games plus other fun outdoor activities.

Click the Here to find the perfect Summer Camp for your Child

We have the camp application online so you can fill it out and drop it by the karate school or you can mail it to, 7801 Lone Star Road Jacksonville, Fl 32211 or email it to Karate Arts at uvmaster@comcast.net

We also have multiple child and multiple camp discounts available upon request.

Make sure to enroll early as most Summer Camps will fill up quickly and you do not want your child to miss out on these exciting and fun summer camps. Register before May 18th and get $10 off your first week of Summer Camp.

 A $20 non refundable deposit is required at the time of registration, which will go toward your first week of summer camp

Call 904-722-0110 today!

Click the Here to find the perfect Summer Camp for your Child



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